For a significant personal contribution to the development of the industrial complex, personal merits in promoting the economic, socio-cultural development of the city, outstanding organizational skills, charitable activities and active citizenship, he was awarded the honorary sign of the Odessa Mayor. Gregory Marazli II degree.

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Dmitry Iorgachev thanked the city leadership for the high appreciation of the work of the entire plant staff, and emphasized that he considers this award to be the merit of the thousandth Odeskabel team.

- It is especially pleasant that we received this award in the year when our company celebrated its anniversary. In the spring, we celebrated our 70th birthday. Our factory is developing, and we are actively participating in social projects in Odessa and the region. We do this consciously, because we dream that Odessa should be flourishing, rich, with developed infrastructure, with working enterprises, and Odessa citizens would be successful, happy people and confidently looking to the future, ”said Dmitry Iorgachev.

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